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Four by Eight foot yellow cloth Page Panel with assorted small bags containing found objects ticketed for sound.
Collection: Luigi Bonotto, Molvena, Italy

On Finding a Shoe Heel

As we know, time spent on shoes is never wasted. I shall describe my process of discovery of such an item on the street. Of finding shoe heel itself. I am not huning usually, just rashing to get somewhere like everybody else; but suddenly, unexpectedly and akin to the found item, a found time opens up. A holiday I hadn't heard about for instance, gives me some time. The heel I pick up has surely been secretly waiting for me. Very quickly, offhandedly this treasure gets stashed in my pocket. There is a chemistry peculiar to the mysterious terrain I found myself in at that time. It is a kind of floating boudless space. It could be anywhere, anytime, 5th Century Greece, dirt roads of Pompei? I love to surf the street! I could be in deep future somewhere should city still exists! I wonder as in a dream. Once I found a shoe heel on a path of the moss garden of Saihoji in Kyoto. Moments later a second, and then a third! All unique, perfect examples of something I know not what. This is a true story.
You know that used show heel cannot be bought. Not for sale anywhere. Isn't it special to have recognized the energy expended in the show heel - to have found it by chance and guided it towerd its transformation into art!

Excerpt from remarks made at the College Art Association and reception of the Lifetime Achievement Awords 2003.

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