Alison Knowles: Short Bio

Exhibitions and Installations

2004 "IN-FLUX", Marygrove College, Detroit, MI.

2004 "October Leaves Falling", Exhibition and Performance DuPage College, Chicago, IL.

2004 "Do-It-Yourself Fluxus", group, interactive installation at ART INTERACTIVE, Cambridge, MA.

2003 "By Way of Correspondence", solo, exhibition of new paper and cloth works at the Galerie Beim Steinernen Kreuz, Bremen, Germany.

2001 "Paperweather", with Larry Miller, The Drawing Center,May NYC. "Frijoles Canyon Live" Odense Fluxus,May, Denmark

2000 "Footnotes",solo, Emily Harvey Gallery,Oct. NYC.

1999-2000 "The American Century",group, Whitney Museum, NYC.

1998-1999 "Seachange",solo, Emily Harvey Gallery, NYC; Caterina Gualco, Genova, IT; Jacques Donguy,FR.

1998 Solo retrospective at Frauen Museum,GER.

1998 "Out of Actions",group, Museum of Contemporary Art,LA.

1997 Fluxus Performance and workshop, Queensland Art gallery,Brisbane,AUS.

1997 Performance workshop Documenta X, Kassel,GER.

1995 "Indigo Island",solo(retrospective + catalogue). Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken,GER; Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw,POL; Museet for Samtidskunst,Roskilde,DK.

1992-1995 "In the Spirit of Fluxus", group, Wexner Center, US.,EU.,Japan,Korea.

1990 "Seven Indian Moon", solo, Emily Harvey Gallery, New York, NY.

1984 Residency. Shion International Paper Mill, Japan.

1983 "The Book of Bean", Venice Biennale, Venice, IT. A Finger Book installation (FR.GER.,NYC.)

1970s-80s West German Radio. 4 Radio plays(GER.FR.NYC.)

1970-73 Directed Print and Performance Lab, Cal Arts,CA

1969 "The Big Book",Frankfurter Buchmesse,GER,DK, Guggenheim Museum NYC,

1968 "Notations" Book with John Cage at Something Else Press

1967 "Coeurs Volants", silk-screen print collaboration with Marcel Duchamp, NYC.

1967 "The House of Dust", Poem with Jim Tenney, NYC. and Cal Arts, CA. Symposium (2003), U.C. Davis, with Doug Kahn

1960 Judson Gallery, NYC. Silkscreen paintings on canvas.

1958 Nonagon Gallery, NYC. Abstract paintings.


Awards and Residencies

2003 Anonymous was a Woman Award

2003 College Art Association, Lifetime Achievement Aword

2002 Womens Studio Workshop Residency, Rosendale, NY.

1997 Workshop, "Documenta X", Kassel, GER.

1996-97 Documenta Guest Professor, University of Kassel, Kassel, GER.

1993 Richard Florsheim Grant,"Bread & Water" book.

1991 Residency, Banff Centre, Banff, Alberta, Canada.

1990 Sommerakademie für Bildende Kunst, Salzburg, Austria.

1989 NYSCA Grant.

1984 DAAD Residency Grant, Berlin, Germany.

1982 Karl Sczuka Award, West German Radio (WDR).

1981 NEA Residency Grant, Franklin Furnace, NY.

1968 Guggenheim Fellowship.



2004 "Book Symposium", SUNY, New Paltz, NY.

2003 "Tamashi", with Amanda Degener, Cave Paper, MI.

2001 "Footnotes", Granary Books, NY.

1995 "Bread and Water", Left, Hand Books, NY.

1993 "Spoken Text", Left Hand Books, NY.

1990 "Seven Indian Moons" Left Hand Books, NY

1983 "the red, the green, the yellow, the black, and the white"(edition of 20) with George Brecht. Editions Lebeer-Hossmann, BEL.

1980 "Natural Assemblages and the True Crow." Visual Studies Workshop Press, NY

1977 "Gem Duck", Pari & Dispari. Reggio Emilia, IT.

1975 "Women's Work" Unpublished Editions, NY.

1973 "The Identical Lunch" Nova Broadcast Press, CA.

1970 "Journal of the Identical Lunch" Nova Broadcast Press, CA.

1968 "The House of Dust" Gebr. Konig Verlag, GER. "Notations" with John Cage.Something Else

1965 "The Four Suits" (the T Dictionary) Something Else Press. NY. By Alison Knowles" Great Bear Pamphlet Something Else Press.

1963 "The Bean Rolls" Fluxus Publications,NY.



2005 Commencement Performance / Lecture, Maine College of Art, Maine

2005 Performance, Muthesius Kunsthochschule, Kiel, Germany

2004 Performance, Waygood Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, England

2003 "Paper Sound",with Taketo Shimada, Dia Foundation Bookstore, NYC, NY.

2003 "Fluxus Performance", The Phipps Center for the Arts, Hudson, WI.

2002 Fluxtour 2002, June. Museum of Modern Art, Strasbourg; Museum of Modern Art, Marseilles; Menagerie Music Center, Paris. with performers: Eric Anderson, Alison Knowles, Ben Patterson, Ben Vautiers and others

2001 "Shoe String Song and Onion Skin Song." Feb.performed at Galerie 400, Chicago. Scores exhibited from John Cage Notations

2001 The Drawing Center,NYC.three performances, with co-performer Larry Milller. exhibition and catalogue.
"Celebration Red for Al Hansen". Dec. 8 performance for "Beck and Al Hansen: Playing with Matches", Cheekwood Museum of Art, Nashville, TN.

2000 Words As Music. group, 3 city concert tour. "Frijoles Canyon".

1999 In the Footsteps of Fluxshoe, lecture & performance, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK.
The American Century, group, Whitney Museum, NY.
Performance residency. Dartington College, Devon, UK.
"Celebration Red", Printed Matter Books, NY.
"Autoredonna." contemporary women artists, IT.

1998 Malsch, installation, Munich butcher shop, group.
Ceci, Cannellini & Farro, solo, Caterina Gualco Gallery, IT.

1998 Do It. "Celebration Red." Kunsthalle Ritter, Klagenfurt, GER. 1 year world tour. Independent Curators, NY. Curator: Hans Ulrich Obrist.

1960-90's Fluxus performances and installations, USA, EUR., Asia.


Selected Books and Magazines with Writing on and by Alison Knowles

2004 The Sculpture of Indeterminency, by Julia Robinson, Art Journal,

2004 Alison Knowles at Gahlberg Gallery, by Julia Robinson, College of Du Page

2004 Art as Spiral Practice, Performance Art Journal, curator: Bonnie Maranca

2002 Artscene,by Ellen Pearlman, Brooklyn Rail

2001 Drawing Center Catalog, Drawing Papers #20

1995 Cadavre Exquis, Catalog Essay for Uli Marchsteiner, Barcelona, Spain

1991 La Taverna Di Auerbach, Rivista internazionale di poetiche intermediali "Paper Weather", ed. Giovanni Fontana

1991 Sitting Quietly Doing Nothing, a memory of Robert Filliou, Pompidou retrospective, France

1989 Archivio Della Grazia di Nuova Scrittura, ed. Ugo Carrega, Milano

1989 Satori: Coco Princesse, with Brian McHugh. eds. Gary Green and Pat Sims

1988 Untitled Graphic, High Performance (10th anniv. issue)

1987 Fluxus, White Walls, ed. Ken Friedman

1986 Assembling, ed. Charles Doria, Assembling Press

1986 Technicians of Sacred , ed. Charles Rothenberg, 2nd edition, University of California Press

1976 Ausgabe, ed. Armin Hundertmark

1968 The Big Book, by Bill Wilson (photos: Peter Moore), Art in America

1956 B.F.A honors grad from Pratt Institute, Bklyn.NY.

1933 Born in New York City.

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