Coeurs Volants (Flying Hearts) (1967) ->
15 x 22" Silk Screen on Black Coloraid Paper
Alphabet Edition of Twenty Four. Color Swatch, 4 x 5" Silk Screen on Black Coloraid Paper
by Alison Knowles signed by Marcel Duchamp. Collection Wolfgang Feelisch, Remscheid

Through Daniel Spoerri, the Something Else Press arranged to meet Marcel Duchamp. This screen print was preceeded by a four by five color swatch showing two circles one red, one blue. He selected this color swatch one day while we are having tea at his tenth street apartment in New York. There were eleven color swatches, each showing blue and red circles but in different intensities. He selected one and lefted it out on table saying "Oh, that's it." I put the others in my brief case and we kept talking. Teeny Duchamp walked by the table, saw the color swatch and said "MARCEL, when did you do this?" He asked for a pencil, smiled and signed the color swatch. This color swatch was quickly framed and the rumor quickly spread through New York that we had Duchamp's last readymade! I kept this little swatch for about a year and then sold it to a collecter in Remsheid. Richard Hamilton, to whom I gave a copy of a final print, called this work a piece of memorabilia, not a readymade. Duchamp died the following year but I am sure he would have agreed. I like the story very much because it describes the process as important as the product according to a master.

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(c) Alison Knowles