A Finger Book (1982) ->

What is it in a word that cannot be reduced further? What is its unspoken component? What does it sound, feel, hear and look like? What is the wordıs earliest gesture or mark? What in the word keeps it lively and moving within its specific meaning? Finger Book 2 tries to keep the smell of the garlic.
Jesper Svenvro, a friend of Goran Printz Pahlsson, suggests that "a question mark should be made with a curve; then we donıt lose track of the basis of the sign in eels and fish. If you donıt keep these lakes stocked with living things," he says, "the poets will die out."
Language begginings represented in Finger Book 2 are Yoruba and Ashanti from Africa, an Indian Vedic hymn, Inca Quipu language, Shang pictograms, Sumerian clay tablet fragments and the garden of Ryoanji. The book with 11" high pages is languaged in braille. This book exists in an edition of three.

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