Seven Indian Moon (1990) ->

Buffed white clay with artifacts, 85" in diameter
Collection: Emily Harvey Gallery

"Using a portion of a photographic image taken by Jimmy De Sana of an installation she created several years ago in Amsterdam, Alison Knowles has developed paintings (Emily Harvey, January 17 - February 17) that depict seven of the thirteen possible moons of the American Indian calendar. The "paintings" were made by silkscreen process, each layer of which was rinsed or washed out, leaving only a trace or stain of the action. The resulting image were more an echo of their active construction, and as if to accentuate this quality, Knowles includes the actual screens used as two of the works, Great Cold/New Sun Moon (September) of the Pikuni Blackfeet Indians and Salmon Moon (September) of the Kwakiutl Indians. The others were done on traditional linen, or took the form of paperish collages mounted on peekap (a strong, transparent nylon netting) and surrounded by majestic wooden frames. Though she engages a printmaking process, the results are painterly and reflect her long-term interest and participation in chance/randomness as a viable tool of creation."
from Art in America, April 1990

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(c) Alison Knowles