Alison marching against the war in Chicago. July 2007.

Time Samples traveled to Musée des Moulages, 3 rue Rachais, 69003 Lyon.
Curated by Bertrand Clavez

This third exhibition of the Time Samples objects was accompanied by a workshop and performance among the fulll sized plaster castes of famous statues.
The vintage Fluxus concert was accompanied by three pieces conceived in the workshop and executed by many students and friends in the Université Lyon 2. The sprited performance and huge audience was led by the impressive curator/teacher Bertrand Clavez. Works by Paik, Shiomi, Maciunas, Higgins, Knowles and original pieces by students were performed between the huge plaster castes, the Etruscans to the Greeks!

Click HERE to see the video.

The Next stop on this '07 Tour in Europe was Newcastle, north of London.
The Waygood Gallery provided a window on the street where the 2nd performance of Shoreline took place. At the Singer sewing machine in the window of the gallery, great quantities of donated clothing as well as shoes and teddybears were sewn together to make a line that was carried on poles down the hill to the Tyne. We were accompanied by people on the street all the way to the Baltic Museum.
Upon entering we were asked what was going on, someone answered
"This is a spontaneous art event, Haven't you heard of that?"
"Of course" she answered, "Come in".
We carted the clothing on the poles up five flights of stairs to the exuberant finale.

The show was curated by Helen Smith of the Waygood Gallery, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Alison at the sewing machine in the window

The Shoreline parade through town begins

Over the Millenium Bridge to the museum