Yellow Panel (1970s) ->

The first bag and cloth piece is in the collection of Hermann Braun, a great friend of Fluxus living in Germany. It contains small found objects such as brushes, a metal door knob, some shoe parts. Each item is ticketed with simple direction for sounding.

Yellow Panel #2 pictured here is later in time, when the collector Luigi Bonotto was commissioning artwork from Fluxus people. We could work with him in Molvena, Italy. We worked with Francesco Conz in Asolo and Verona for many years. These bags contain small items and are multicolored yellow and tiny. I have exhibited this work with Caterina Gualco in Genova. These works in Italy come mainly from the seventies and eighties. I still show with Caterina Gualco whenever I have a chance. Her gallery overlooks the town and is close to the seashore. She is a wonderful cook.

The person to be credited with bringing Fluxus to Italy and into the Venice Biennale was Gino Di Maggio, however it was Francesco Conz who worked tirelessly for years making silkscreen editions with us.

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