15"x22" Palladium on Fabriano Paper

Bread and Water (1992) -> 17 prints in an edition of 2

Sammlung Maria und Walter Schnepel

FLUXUS UND FREUNDE, Weserburg Museum, Bremen

The Book Bread and Water published by Left Hand Books. Looking at the cracks in homemade bread, Alison Knowles noticed their resemblance to rivers. Using atrases, she matched each pattern of cracks to a river. Bread and Water reproduces in halftone all seventeen palladium prints Knowles processed from the xeroxed bread bottoms.
"Alison Knowles is an artist who stands for life. Her message is direct and in some ways, oblique. Yet it is through this obliqueness, this archeological measure where art becomes an investigation of the world through the most intimate recesses, that gives the "Bread and Water" prints their power. The fact is that we have been seduced into thinking that power is outside of us not within us; and this is precisely where work of Alison Knowles comes into play and where it offers itself to us." After the Deluge
Essays on art in the nineties
by Robert C. Morgan
Red Bass Publications 1993

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(c) Alison Knowles